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Apple Trees


Apple Trees

The number of beautiful and edible fruit trees are many. Here is an ever growing compalation of our favorites!

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Almata Apple --- Semi Dwarf  --- Self-Fertile

For beautiful apple sauce and jelly, few compare with this flavorful, large red apple with bright pink flesh. Red leaves and bright pink spring blossoms make it a great edible ornamental. It is very winter hardy, with fruit ripening in October. On EMLA 7 semi dwarf rootstock.

The 2017 Valentines Day Contest Tree will be delivered to us from Raintree Nursery in the Spring, I will let you know the second it arrives at our door step!

Raintree is an awesome resource for Edible Landscape plants, you should check them out! http://www.raintreenursery.com/

Columnar Apples

Look Mom, no branches! Perfect for patios, decks or other small areas, these trees grow in columnar form to 7-9' tall. They are loaded with fruit which all forms along the main trunk or on short, spur-like branches. Can be planted in whiskey barrels or planted two feet apart in the ground.

Each will cross-pollinize with mid-season pollinizers. On EMLA 7. Hardy to USDA Zone 4-9. We offer 2-4' bareroot trees.

There are a handful of fun varieties that will surly catch your eye and taste buds: Blushing Delight, Golden Sentinel, Golden Treat, North Pole, Scarlet Sentinel, Tangy Green & Tasty Red.



Kingston Black --- Semi Dwarf

The flavor of Kingston Black is such a fine, complex combination of sweet, sharp and bitter qualities that it makes a wonderful hard cider even without blending with other varieties. Classified as a 'bittersharp' apple, the English consider it to be the standard cultivar for making a high quality, single variety cider. A very large harvest of medium-size, red apples ripens mid-October. Don't eat it; cider it!

On semi-dwarf MM106 rootstock, trees will grow to 15' tall. Needs a pollenizer.