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CSPS Program


Community Supported Plant Start Program

Community Supported Plant Start Program

Detailed Garden Plans provide you with everything needed to grow a productive, beautiful garden in your own backyard... or front yard!


Vegetable garden layout

Our layouts are easy to read and include crop rotations so that you'll be set for years and years to come! We choose veggies based on your preference and group plants with their favorite growing companions! Our layout also includes a succession planting schedule that will insure you have perfect supply of your favorite veggies all season. 

See our Installation page for more info on how we can provide you with vegetable starts and raised beds!

Custom care schedule

Knowing when and how to water, how to apply soil amendments, as-well as manage pests and weeds in a safe and healthy way is extremely important! We create an easy to follow Care Schedule that is customized to fit your garden plan and takes all of the guess work out!

Pricing is $40 + $25per 100 SF of garden space to be planned