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Garlic Seeds

Our garlic seed is grown with-out any chemicals and in our very own display garden located in the beautiful Audubon Park Neighborhood. It is known that plants grown from seed that were grown and acclimated to your area perform better than seed that comes from other climates. Did you know that for every one pound of garlic you plant can produce up eight pounds of garlic for eating or planting next fall?

Garlic seed




GARLIC BULBS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE PICK-UP - 1/2 lb -(Hardneck) Very Rare. This Rocambole garlic came to the South West with the early Spanish settlers in the mountain valleys of northern New Mexico. This garlic was found growing wild (naturalized) along the “acequia” (irrigation ditch) in a small village at 8,000 ft in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. In 2001, the postmistress in Chamisal stated that garlic had been growing there since her grandfather was a boy. Today, its bulbs reach up to 3 inches.

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