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Garlic Seeds

Our garlic seed is grown with-out any chemicals and in our very own display garden located in the beautiful Audubon Park Neighborhood. It is known that plants grown from seed that were grown and acclimated to your area perform better than seed that comes from other climates. Did you know that for every one pound of garlic you plant can produce up eight pounds of garlic for eating or planting next fall?

Garlic seed

Moroccan Creole

Moroccan Creole


GARLIC BULBS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE PICK-UP - 1/2 LB (Hardneck) Very Rare. Collected in 2009 from an open air market in the seaside town of Essaouira, Morocco. Creole variety with a lot of heat and good keeping ability. It came from the Moors to Spain. Hardneck variety that will produce a scape.

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