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Our plants are all grown using sustainable, environmentally-safe methods and we use organic soils and fertilizers without the application of any chemical pesticides. Our focus is on open-pollinated, heirloom, and hybrid varieties; plants that you typically do not find in “Big Box” stores.  Choosing cultivars that perform well in our unique growing climate is a priority. All seeds, potting soil, and amendments will be Certified Organic.  We will once again be offering vegetable plants for sale via a Plant CSA Share. Our goal is to help out with your home garden by providing you with all the plants you will need to have a healthy and productive garden this spring.  There are 4 pre-packaged options to help you with decision making, or, for the more adventurous, a pick-your-own option ($50 minimum). We are only offering plant starts for those crops that do best when transplanted in our area. Please have all of your forms sent in by March1st.


  1. Sign-up to receive one of our four different share options (see below)
  2. We do all of the sowing, germinating and growing for you
  3. You pick up all of your plants ready to go in your garden OR we can deliver directly to you (delivery fee starting at $15)
  4. Grow, harvest and enjoy your gorgeous produce!

NOTE: The plants we include are estimates of what will be delivered. Substitutions may be available at customer's request.

We are always happy to consult with you and provide garden installation advice assistance.  Hourly fees apply,