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Plant Start Collections

pLANT START Collections

For best pricing and guaranteed availability be sure pre-order your Plant Start Collection before January 15, 2018!


Salsa Garden Collection

Salsa Garden Collection


Available for Free Pick Up on Saturday, May 12, 2018 (Onions and Garlic don't mind the cold and will be available by March 5th so that you can get them planted early)

Your Salsa Garden Collection will plant a 2'x8' bed or 4'x4' bed (16sf)

Serve up fresh & tasty salsa all summer long with this salsa garden share. Sweet meaty tomatoes, with four different varieties of peppers so you can mix and match for the perfect spice, onions and garlic will give your salsa some kick and cilantro will give it a nice fresh zing!

Order early so that we can be sure to get you the garlic you need as early as possible, garlic is generally planted in the fall but if it can be planted as soon as your soils can be worked you will still get a great crop of garlic. Alternatively, we can substitute the garlic bulbs with garlic chives which carry a very similar kick!

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