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Plant Start CSA


What is a plant start csa?

Similar to a vegetable CSA from your favorite local farmer who grows just enough of their CSA Members favorite veggies and provides you with a box of goodies every week; we sow and grow just enough veggie & herb starts for our Plant Start CSA (PSCSA) Members and provide you with a box of goodies when planting time is just right. We have a number of great share options available to help you with decision making, or, for the more adventurous we have a custom share option!


Our plants are all grown to order using sustainable & environmentally friendly practices. We use locally sourced organic soils fertilizers and never use chemical pesticides. All seeds, potting soil, and amendments will be Certified Organic or OMRI Listed for Organic use, we even use CowPots to eliminate the use of plastics in our production. Unlike the starts sold at your typical 'Big Box' Store, our focus is on organic, open-pollinated, heirloom, and never GMO. Choosing varieties that perform well in our unique growing climate is a priority.  Specific varieties are driven by PSCSA member requests so don't be shy to share your favorites with us! 

Our goal is to provide you with all of your favorite plants starts without driving all over town to find them. 

For best pricing and guaranteed availability be sure purchase your PSCSA and pre-order your veggies before January 15, 2018!



  1. Sign-up to receive one of our four different share options
  2. We do all of the sowing, germinating and growing for you
  3. You pick up all of your garden ready veggie starts OR we can deliver them directly to you (delivery fee starting at $15)
  4. Grow, harvest and enjoy your delicous produce!
  1. We can design and install the perfect garden and watering system for you and your family
  2. Already have a garden space? We can plan your crop layout, including succession and rotation plantings
  3. We can send a crew member out to clear and prep your beds and even plant your starts
  4. Our maintenance team specializes in the organic support of vegetable gardens; from weeding & watering to organic fertilizing, harvesting and fall clean up.

Salsa Garden Share

Salsa Garden Share


Available for Free Pick Up on Saturday, May 12, 2018 (Onions and Garlic don't mind the cold and will be available by March 5th so that you can get them planted early)

This package will plant a 2'x8' bed or 4'x4' bed (16sf)

Serve up fresh & tasty salsa all summer long with this salsa garden share. Sweet meaty tomatoes, with four different varieties of peppers so you can mix and match for the perfect spice, onions and garlic will give your salsa some kick and cilantro will give it a nice fresh zing!

Order early so that we can be sure to get you the garlic you need as early as possible, garlic is generally planted in the fall but if it can be planted as soon as your soils can be worked you will still get a great crop of garlic. Alternatively, we can substitute the garlic bulbs with garlic chives which carry a very similar kick!

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